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Efitax Bravo Consulting is a specialised business consultancy firm. We work with SMEs, the self-employed and large companies in the town of Antequera and its surrounding area, as well as along the coast of Malaga, with the aim of anticipating their needs, avoiding potential problems and providing solutions. Our specialists in Tax, Labour, Legal and Accounting Consultancy will provide your business transactions with the knowledge of current legislation and, above all, greater peace of mind when dealing with the Tax Authorities, Social Security or any other Public Body

Main services

1. Tax consultancy

Our advisors will ensure that your business’ tax obligations are up to date for your total peace of mind, as proper tax planning and fiscal execution can translate into significant savings in your profit and loss account, both in terms of obtaining the tax benefits to which you are entitled, and in avoiding penalties and surcharges for not applying the regulations as required.

2. Labour consultancy

We provide you with advice for the establishment of your company in the Labour and Social Security sphere efficiently and quickly, as well as managing your human resources, contracts, contributions and Social Security formalities to the highest degree of excellence.

3. Accounting consultancy

In order to efficiently manage a company, we must rely on reliable and correctly processed accounting information, which will show us the real situation of our company with a view to making the best decisions. Here lies the importance of good accounting management. Accounting that reflects a true and fair view of our company, is not only an obligation, it will simplify the management of our company and optimise the tax burden it bears.

4. Legal consultancy

Legal advice goes hand in hand with the management of your SME or business, so it should form one of its fundamental pillars. We provide solutions and keep abreast of the latest developments in the legal field.

We are in Antequera, Málaga

"Having The Best Advice Is The Basis For Business Success"

we provide consultancy services in different languages

Language is no barrier to our services, communication with our advisors can be in English as well as in Spanish.

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